Meet VivArte

VivArte implements programmes and activities in relation to Art and Culture. Twenty years of artistic education and engagement with cultural matters have led us to define a new relationship between art and life itself. Thanks to the connection of these five thematic fields, we have established a model of a Creative Cultural Industry.
Using the visual and expressive arts as tools, we provide services that can simultaneously combine sustainable development and cultural creation. We organize art events which are human-related and which promote a productive lifestyle and give added cultural value to products and services.

Courses of artistic training and cultural education:
CULTURAL SEMINARS. Addressed to the public, with their aim being the initiation into art, which links life and creation together. The programmes are also addressed to anyone who is willing to get to know and engage in the arts, but has not yet been given the opportunity.
Those interested can attend courses and workshops in two cycles (beginners or advanced). During these, they get the chance to familiarise themselves with the techniques, create works of art and participate in exhibitions and artistic events.

PAINTING, SCULPTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, ART INSTALLATION and LAND ART are the main products we offer. We create artworks with thematic content and structures that can remain in nature and the open space. We innovate with multidisciplinary artistic works. We implement events where visual arts and performing arts work as a whole. We organise art events that highlight the natural landscape and the monuments but also the human side

The relationship of man with ART AND NATURE, the artistic creation in the open space and the promotion and revival of culture in remote areas of the region, encouraged us to create new products and services.

We are implementing research projects and developing new ideas and proposals that benefit the quality of life as well as breathe life into the rural countryside.

VivArte connects ART with SUSTAINABILITY. We are looking into new tools for tourism development, always guided by culture. We provide ingenious methods of promoting cultural heritage. We implement events that highlight, in a unique way, monuments, archaeological sites, nature and primitive landscapes. We prepare studies and programmes that create added value in the primary and secondary sector.

We reaffirm the strength of the cultural industry, consolidating an example of a new sustainable developmental culture.

ART AND CULTURE are an INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF COMMUNICATION. VivArte implements actions with thematic content with countries that share common cultural products and values.
It establishes innovative bridges and cultural fraternities for subjects such as art and the intangible cultural reserve, synergies of green development, sustainable tourism etc.

We build collaborations of cultural training and research with educational institutions and research centres abroad.