About Us

The creators of Vivarte

We started our first courses and seminars in 1998 at the industrial building on Pentelis Street in Moschato. At that time there were not many workshops and we strongly felt the need to create an art center. A space open to anyone who had a taste but was never given the opportunity to do art. We were called Senses (all the senses together) and we aspired to share with others this appetite for learning, artistic creation and communication.
In 2005 we moved closer to the center of Athens with the most important workshops for us (painting, sculpture, photography, decoration, art history). We have been renamed Vivarte (the art of living), and we still believe that each of us, regardless of our talent, can engage in the visual arts as a drastic soothing to the contradictions we are experiencing today in our country.
In the last few years and especially in the summer months we have also transferred some of our activities to a magical landscape in South Evia (Vivarte in Nature), combining art with escapes in nature and open space.
The creators of Vivarte G. Tsintanelis, Sandra Pons Carreras

Sandra Pons Carreras was born in Menorca (Spain). Between 1989-1992 she studied at the Fine Arts School of “Massana” Barcelona attending Visual Arts, Illustration, Design and Multimedia Applications-Video courses. In parallel, she has been an active member of the “Sens Espace Europe” union at Montpellier (France) on the subjects of Environment, Art and Space. She is a multidisciplinary artist; part of her work is in Athens, in Menorca and in the island of Evia.
She has participated in the following exhibitions:
1993: Video Art exhibition “Art-Space-Object”, Thessalonica, under the support of HELEXPO.
1994: “Sculpture and Design & video art” exhibition for the 14th Courtray Design Biennale Interieur, Belgium.
1995: “Sculpture and Design” at the Barceloneta Cultural Center, “Primavera del Diseño de Barcelona”, Spain.
1996: Silk Painting exhibition at the Club Marítimo Menorca, Spain.
1998: Video Art exhibition “Cactus in the forest” at the Art Center “Synesthisis”, Athens.
2000: Body painting and performance “Body-Soul-Art”, Art club Athens.
2004: Participation in the International Biennale “At Forum-Art Tower, Athens '04”, Painting works, Athens.
2005: Painting exhibition “EnVano”, Memento, Athens.
2008: Participation in the painting exhibition “Razzle-Dazzle” (Xefantoma) and “Spring time” (Earina). Art Gallery, Art Prisma, Piraeus, Athens.
2008: Participation in the “Piraeus comes alive with colors” exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery, under the kind support of Δ.Ε.Π.Ε.Π.
2008: Participation in the “Rendez vous des Arts” exhibition, (painting, sculpture and performance) at the East Airport, under the kind support of the Spanish Embassy.
2010: Painting exhibition at the Art Gallery “Art Space Santorini”, Greece.
2010: Performance at the exhibition “Mutations” at the Greek Association of Photography, Athens (action painting and contemporary dance).
2012: Painting exhibition at the Art Gallery “Art Space Santorini”, Greece.
2013: Opening of the Art Gallery “VivArte Nature” Painting and Sculpture exhibition.
2014: Painting exhibition and Performance under the title “Hallucinations” (action painting, contemporary dance and live music), Novotel Athens.
2017: Performance. “Contemporary art, nature and tradition” (action painting, traditional dance and live music), “1st GRecoACTE. Art and Cultural Tourism Event”, Evia Island.
2018: Performance. “Dialogue between Lorca and Krystallis” (action painting, whistles, poetry and live music), “2nd GRecoACTE. Art and Cultural Tourism Event” under the title “Mediterranean: Innovative Bridges (Five + 1 countries)”, Evia Island.
2019: Performance at the Ancient Theatre of Eretria (whistling, poetry, music, dance video art and action painting) titled “Aerial Communication”, “3rd GRecoACTE. Art and Cultural Tourism Event” under the title “Winds of Friendship and Culture”. Evia Island. https://grecoacte.com/
• From 2001 to 2004 she created and directed the following performances: “Hic et Nunc”, “Taboo” and “About Love” at the Centre of Art and Culture, Athens.
• From 2000 to 2005 she implemented educational programs for children and wrote plays for kids.
• She has been teaching Visual Arts since 1999.
• Founder of the VivArte Nature project, an artistic park on the island of Evia. https://vivartenature.com/
• Since 2016 she has organized cultural events. https://grecoacte.com/
Currently, she is the director of “sp VivArte” Cultural and Creative Industry in Athens