Art & Nature

Connecting art with nature became part of our vision. The search for artistic creation in the open air, along with the empowerment of culture away from the big urban centres, led us to attempt an ambitious project: the VivArte Nature estate. Wishing to prove that this venture can also function as an example of benefiting the rural countryside, we created a sanctuary for art and culture among the abandoned and deserted villages of the Cavo Doro area, in one of the most isolated regions of S. Evia. Using the visual and expressive arts as tools, we welcome our guests and recommend they take a tour of initiation into artistic creativity.

An open-air gallery (The Art Gallery) functioning as a museum without walls and filled with sculptures and structures of Land Art, an outdoor theatre (The Mocking Theatre), a garden of art (The Art Garden) and the Mythic Forest are only some of the park’s facilities.

We also created the Art Retreat, a reception and hospitality centre for Greek and foreign visitors. A summer shelter as a meeting point for people immersed in the arts and intellectuality, away from the urban landscape. Constructed in virgin nature as a dialogue between art and architecture, it is a sanctuary of the spirit, offering programmes and activities for artists, art lovers or just culture enthusiasts. It is addressed to those who want to relax, to be inspired, to be intellectually stimulated and to share ideas, feelings and emotions.

In the summer months, educational programmes, seminars and workshops of cultural, ecological, architectural, environmental and social interest operate at VivArte Nature.

Furthermore, we organise music, dance and theatre events, as well as exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, architecture and land art.