Sculpture lessons for beginners and advanced students

In the sculpture courses of VivArte, there are personalized lesson plans for beginners tailored to their needs and demands, but also workshops where the subject matter concerns those who already have some previous experience (advanced).

Sculpture is about moulding the clay, carving the wood, sculpting the stone… but is that all it is? In sculpture, participants learn about concepts such as composition, proportions, movement and perspective. They paint in space, transferring their idea to the three dimensions.

Vital, simple, complex and organic forms. Study of the human body.
If a project is not intended to represent natural phenomena, it does not mean that it is distancing itself from life. Maybe it wants to penetrate reality.
A project aims to express the meaning of life, to motivate us to fight harder. The ways of expressing the interiority are infinite.

Introduction to the material

  • Introduction to clay, small objects – models
  • Geometrical composition for walls (study in emptiness and fullness)
  • Sculptured anaglyph
  • Bust – Head (light – shadow, axes, proportions)
  • Body, posture, proportions, movement

A necessary lesson for sculpture is freehand drawing so as to learn to see in order to understand and then to better implement our subject

Material Removal

Carving is a process, which involves composing a project by cutting a rock, wood or any other material.
It is convenient to start with a design or a small clay model of the sculpture (the model).
Free composition – engraving on plaster (getting to know the tools, the first stage of removal of the material).
Minimalist female form (structure plans).
Zoological snapshots (modelling, carving a plaster block, colour preparation – finishing machines).


Searching for and developing an idea.

The work: presentation of portfolio and a model.

Usable object (transformation of an old object – a personal glance).