The Classes

We welcome you to the art education and training courses of VivArte

The teaching of art and in general the initiation into culture is for us a field of research and creation.
VivArte offers educational services regarding PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, SCULPTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN, HISTORY OF ART.

Our programmes are individualized and focus on the needs of each learner.

With the help of teachers, the participants are able to familiarize themselves with the techniques, choose thematic workshops and implement their own concepts. Τhere are courses for beginners (Cycle A) and workshops in which the subject matters concern those who already have some experience (Cycle B).

Along with the aforementioned training, our goal is for participants to be able to express their feelings and thoughts, and to develop an artistic glossary, gaining insight and confidence. After the end of Cycle B, members can participate in exhibitions and artistic events, if they wish.

The programmes are implemented under the guidance of Spanish artist Sandra Pons Carreras.

We are located in the heart of Athens, next to “Acropolis” subway station, in a warm and friendly environment filled with coffee, tea and creative communication.
• The programmes of Cycle B are adjusted to the needs and wishes of the participants in order for them to be able to explore their own recommendations, ideas and concerns.