The Workshop program is announced at the beginning of the school year.

History of Art

Introduction to the great eras and the themes of art

How does art affect our world? Is there art today? What is the position and power of the artist? Is there a need for artistic creation and what is its role? Can anyone make art today or is it a matter of talent? What is the relationship between art and culture?
PURPOSE of the workshop is the awareness and realization of the power of art in our daily lives. The dynamic role of artistic creation in our personality and psyche.
Knowing that nowadays one of the most difficult topics is the understanding of contemporary art, a series of courses with scheduled meetings-lectures help us gain awareness and perspective on art and life in general. These meetings help young artists get to know each other, and confirms that art is above all communication.
The teaching of art focuses not only on its historical development but also on the problematic that characterizes each period with the possibility of open discussion between the participants.

Culture workshops

Synergy of art and culture: a lever for growth and sustainability

The purpose of the workshops is to raise awareness of the power of art in life and sustainability. The workshops include seminars for professionals, businesses and organizations that aim to link art with development and culture.

Drawing and Painting for children

“Communication with art”

The workshop focuses not only on technique or aesthetics, but on symbolism, the development of imagination and creativity.
Workshop duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Materials: pencil, charcoal, dry pastel, tempera and collage.
Ages: 9-12 years old / 13-15 years old
“The important element in this workshop is the development of the source creativity of the child and his treatment as an adult.”

Naked in Painting

“When the body introduces us to art”

This workshop is not only for connoisseurs but also for those who would like to make a good start in the world of fine arts. It is a special kind of painting expression, which due to the uniqueness and grace of the living naked model, becomes more enjoyable and effectively instructive… They say that anyone who draws naked can draw anything.
Participants have the opportunity thanks to the short time poses to improve the methods of observing the correct proportions and interpretations of body shapes.
Guided by the spontaneity in the expression of the plan and emphasis on the release of movement in the line, the participants pass from the initial visual emotion to a deep mental and spiritual pleasure.
For the workshop “Naked in Painting” no special knowledge is required.

Art Photography

“When photography becomes a visual act”

In this particular workshop the photographer in collaboration with professional visual artists is transformed into an artist who uses his camera instead of the brush. It transforms photography into an artistic act with the end result being more painting than realistic.
Anyone with the appetite, imagination and the desire to experiment with colors, shapes, light and the human body can participate.

Photography_ Body in nature

“When art comes out in the open”

Two-day photography workshop and bodyart in nature.
For artists, art lovers but also those who wish to acquire a new perspective on photography and art in general.
The purpose of the workshop is to introduce you to the expressionist and surreal character of photography. Having as main object the painted body we study its integration in the natural landscape. We capture with our camera the paradox between the real and the imaginary. The results are impressive. We unleash our creativity in a game with the irrational, we dare new concepts while looking for the poetic and semiotic approach to photography.