Artistic Creativity

Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Design, Art Installation and Land Art are the main products we offer. We offer artworks of thematic content focusing on custom works. These last few years, we have materialised structures that can remain in nature and the open air, thus releasing art out of walls and away from enclosed spaces in galleries or museums. Creation does not stop there though. VivArte innovates with actions that promote the collaboration between different arts as it implements events, uniting the visual and the expressive arts. Cultural events are also organised to promote the natural landscape and the monuments, but also the human side.

About the artist

Spontaneous but also authentic, artist Sandra Pons Carreras is in a perpetual search for life. Her work is tinged with aesthetic values full of mystery and symbolism.

Her research on the thematic field of Man is a continual wandering in an unidentified “space-time” where her characters sometimes are alone but also tend to turn to others. In an attempt to achieve visual representation, she depicts Man’s struggle and his desire and need to escape from his own self.

Therefore, through a continual search for new techniques, Sandra Pons Carreras pursues a creative expression which becomes a compass, which shows the course of Art to the human soul.

About the artwork

The artist’s painting works consist of three periods of search and research.

In the first period, from 2001 to 2009, “exocosmic” figures and deformed male bodies compose symbolic narratives in an indefinite space-time. The transition to the second period, from 2009 to 2016, is characterized by empty spaces and the appearance of the female figure through narrative scenes. In the third period, from 2017 to now, the research focuses on faces and the human gaze. A mystical journey, an insight into the human soul through the gaze of both the painted face and the viewer.

Her sculptural work, intertwined with nature and the environment, consists of basically three-dimensional paintings in dialogue with the open space and the natural landscape. Large-scale works that, despite their pictorial character, resist the elements of nature and the wear of time. The children of the earth, air and water symbolize the creator’s effort to give another meaning to the art of sculpture that connects Nature with Life.

The artist’s action as a performer is an attempt to build a bridge that connects the creator with the viewer. Through an ingenious composition of music, movement and painting in real time, she tries to share feelings and emotions by dynamically interacting with her audience.


Painting, Sculpture