Vivarte photography studio addresses to those that want to learn the art of image (First Cycle Topics), as well as those that know a lot about photography shooting (Second Cycle Topics) but they would like to be professionals and competitive.

In today’s era of rapid development in both the production and distribution of the image on social networks, the creator must give his work diversity. This is where Vivarte focuses. Based on the visual nature of photography, a series of topics and methods of quick and easy learning, train the participant and prepare him so that his photos stand out among the thousands of “likes” of artistic creation.

The teacher of photography George Tsintanelis

Basic principles

  • ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY: Introduction to photography, Historical data.
  • CAMERAS: Equipment, Lenses (types).
  • PHOTOMETRY: Speed diaphragm ratios, Depth of field.
  • PHOTO SHOOTING TECHNIQUES: Strontium erection, Advertising photo.
  • LIGHTING: usage of flash, Stroboscopic.
  • IMAGE COMPOSITION: Artistic approach to photography, Golden Ratio.
  • DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY:Differences between Digital and Analog Cameras.
  • APPEARANCE AND PRINTING: Analog photography(Camera Obscura)
  • CRITICISM OF PHOTOGRAPHY: The most important artistic currents, great Greek and foreign photographers.

Thematic Circles