International Synergies

Art and culture are combined to form an international language of communication, which should be distributed and shared among all the countries of the world. Nowadays, new green economy policies have been adopted to benefit the triptych “art, culture and development”.


We implement programmes and actions with thematic content with countries that share common cultural products and values. We build collaborations of cultural training and research with educational institutions, universities and research centres abroad


We establish what we call “innovative bridges” within GRecoACTE. These have to do with cultural fraternisations and international exchanges on the theme of “intangible cultural reserve and developmental synergies”


We provide services for the creation of a portfolio of cultural treasures and artistic products. We record the reserve of the visible, and non-visible, cultural resources of each region that can be included in international development programmes. We introduce new thematic areas that can attract global interest in conferences and events of Art and Culture