First Cycle Topics

Dead nature

The beginning of advertising photography. From the conception of the idea to the composition and setting of the objects, lighting and frame.

Our Portrait

Psychograph of the individual’s personality and the subjective way the photographer sees it.


At this stage, the photographer becomes aware of the observation outside the center of his frame. He enters the world of reflection and the subject that causes it, he seeks a relationship of balance between them, sometimes discreetly making his presence felt in it.

Bust and Body

Introduction to concepts, the artistic character in fashion photography, emphasis on movement and shading.

Perspective, paradoxical shooting angles

A great exercise where the photographer learns to see differently. Using its wide-angle lens, it turns banal subjects into works of great interest.


Naked in white and black, photographed, like it was a landscape, it becomes art, an anthem to the human body without shocking, provoking.

Reportage-street photography. (abandonment, desolation, loneliness, despair)

Here the role of the photographer goes beyond all limits. We are not only talking about art but also about life. Realistic recording of reality affects consciences, attitudes and decisions not only for the recipients of the photograph but also for the creator himself.


Playing with the light and the shutter permanently in open time (pose), we capture what the eye cannot see. Because photography does not only work instantly.

Night movement, lighting effects and techniques

Participants practice long time technical shooting at night. The results are always unpredictable and cannot be repeated.

Theme black and white

Usually in black and white photography we interpret the color in shades of gray. With the help of the brush and the painting on this subject, we reverse the process by capturing white and black with a color shot. The photographer must experiment…

Night directed photo

Study the relationship between pose and flash use. Emphasis on hot-cold for atmospheric photos.


In this subject as well as in the reflections, the photographer focuses on the shadows without ignoring the object that causes them. The relationship between them against light shots interprets the semiology of the shadow.


Searching for the paradox with humor and sarcasm, the photographer walks to Anafiotika and describes with his lens what is neither said nor written, things that only the camera and its perception can reveal… where a picture is a thousand words.

Abstract photo

The crown of artistic photography. The photographer is asked to render the maximum of his art with the minimum of the subject focusing on the power of abstraction.

Land art

Finding an interesting area of a secluded lunar landscape can help the photographer implement concepts with character.